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Why Cal Trim?

Cal Trim offers matching accessories and trim to complement the faucet style you select. Everything from decorative soap dispensers and deluxe angle stops to p-traps and sink drains. Available in over 30 finishes, including 16 in PVD.

Cal Trim products add a key ingredient to the overall design of your bathroom.

Example: You're installing a pedestal sink, featuring our Catalina faucet with a PVD Polished Brass finish. You want the plumbing underneath the sink - which is now clearly visible to all - to match the faucet in both style and finish.

Solution: Select Cal Trim's Catalina Deluxe Angle Stop Kit in PVD Polished Brass for a perfect match. Comes complete with p-trap, supply risers, and deluxe angle stop with matching Catalina handles.