California Faucets




Imagine a shower floor unlike any you’ve seen before…sleek, clean, and graced by a drain so elegant it becomes a design focal point.  Or select a drain set with tile to exactly match the floor, creating a look so seamless it’s as if there’s no drain at all.

CeraLine is the winner of far more international design awards than any other channel drain, and there is a reason for it.  CeraLine is offered in three trim styles and six finishes, five of them PVD, the most durable finish in the world. CeraLine also features a patented adjustment system that ensures a level and flush installation every time.  No other channel drain offers all these features.

Cover plate trim styles include Metro with it’s graceful profile, and Edge,featuring a crisp line. There’s also Custom, which allows you to inlay matching tile or stone, creating the illusion of water magically disappearing into the shower floor.