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California Faucets---You Do The Math

July 27, 2006 | Product Release

You Do The Math - Press Release PhotoSo what’s in a number anyway? How about your own design. How about your personal touch. How about your signature. We’re talking about California Faucets’ Custom Faucetry™, which lets you mix and match components and finishes to fulfill your individual design vision. And we’re talking about it in a BIG way. Over two million BIG! Mix and match any spout with any handle in any finish—over two million ways!

How is that possible, you say? Well, California Faucets did the math. And they certainly did their homework. Believe it or not, they actually have a mathematical formula that calculates 20 unique spouts together with 46 original handles and a selection of 34 decorative finishes. Add in the option of splitting finishes between the faucet and handles, and it equals a staggering 2,064,480 creative mix and match faucet combinations. But we’re not here to give you a complex math lesson.

The theory behind California Faucets’ formula is quite simple . . . relatively speaking. It takes no Einstein to figure out that mix and match carries the imagination to the far reaches of fun in an unexplored galaxy of design. Each faucet, meticulously built-to-order from high-quality solid brass, comes as a standard set exactly as you’d see it displayed in the showroom or brochure. A faucet . . . with handles . . . that match. Nothing new there, right? But that’s where the genius of California Faucets breaks free of conformity at light speed.

Mix and match the Catalina series spout with Venice lever handles in Satin Nickel finish. Or how about the Del Mar handles instead? Come to think of it, that combo would look even better in Espresso Bronze. THAT’S IT! That speaks to me. That’s so me! You get the idea. We’re not talking infinity here, but the mix and match possibilities are near endless compared with the mundane, paired-off conventional styles we’re accustomed to. Too many mix and match choices for you? No worries. California Faucets’ standard sets require no decision making, and you’re still a quantum leap ahead of conventional styling.

“Mix and match has taken hold, and it’s here to stay,” says Noah Taft, vice president of marketing and sales for California Faucets. “Today’s consumers, especially Baby Boomers, are exercising their creativity through home décor,” he goes on. “Self expression is in. Gone forever are the days when magazines and TV ads capped our imagination. Consumers want to be involved. They want to have fun, and they want the flexibility to unleash their creativity to design what’s exactly right for them,” he finishes.

Like our vast universe, California Faucets is continually growing their mix and match design possibilities with new product styles. And not a single faucet series is added to the lineup unless it will mix and match with other series. So get as creative as you want. As eclectic as you want. Or even as atypical as you want. The only limit is your imagination. Mix and match any spout . . . any handle . . . any finish. It’s your design. It’s your personality. Go ahead, don’t be afraid. Make a statement! Albert would approve.