9179 TISTO BFA 1
Who Knew A Drain Could Be So Beautiful: Work of Art
Who Knew A Drain Could Be So Beautiful: Beautiful Baby

StyleDrain® Tisto Rough Body with 2"/3" ABS

Model 9179-BFA


  • adjustable grid collar allows for 3/16" horizontal tile adjustments
  • for use with liquid applied or fabric (e.g. Schluter®-Kerdi) waterproof membranes
  • compatible with Schluter®-Kerdi-Shower-ST prefabricated shower tray
  • ABS body with polyethylene fleece lined flange for secure bonding of waterproof membranes
  • dual outlet connection: 2" slip & 3" spigot
  • Includes fleece sheet (polypropylene/polyethylene) to improve liquid membrane joint at drain


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