39 Rivulet Intaglio 3902 QRI SB

Smooth, Knurled, Hammered, Pinstripe, and Rivulet

Five uniquely textured handles, and Intaglio, a new finishing technique, brings a new dimension to customizing your faucet



Intaglio is a finishing technique where a surface is engraved, then a black patina is applied. The result allows for dark black accents that contrast beautifully with the main finishes. Originating in Italian print making, the tradition is proudly continued at California Faucets. The Intaglio process is applied in house by our artisans in Huntington Beach, CA.

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39 SMOOTH 3902 Q SN MBLK cover

A Symphony of Texture and Color

  • Handle textures including Smooth, Knurled, Hammered, Pinstripe and Rivulet
  • Intaglio available for both Pinstripe and Rivulet handles
  • Coordinating contemporary or transitional accessories
  • All-Brass construction
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39 KNURLED 3902 QK PB SN cover

Split finishes

Design to your heart's content with split finishes. Choose one finish for the cylindrical handles and another for the spout and accents. See your local California Faucets Dealer for information on how to order.

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New Products

CROSSHANDLE 3702 XT SN cover 1

San Elijo

Introducing teak wood handles. Now available for San Elijo and Descanso series

Contemporary low

Single Handle Tub Filler

No more waiting for the tub to fill! California Faucet's Single Handle Tub Filler has a high flow rate at a whopping 10 GPM. Experience a deluge of water as your tub quickly fills with steaming hot water

kitchen squeeze Content card 3

Pull Down "Squeeze" Handle

Operate the spout with one hand to generate a powerful spray. Release the handle for a smooth aerated flow. This pro-style convenience is now available with every pull down faucet in our kitchen line.