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California Faucets Celebrates 30 Years As One of Its Industry's Most Innovative Companies

California Faucets Factory Building

By combining old-fashioned values and a passion for ingenuity, the manufacturer has redefined commonplace bath and kitchen products with stylish handcrafted designs that perform

(Huntington Beach, CA, August 8, 2018)—California Faucets proudly marks thirty years as a manufacturer of artisan-crafted bath and kitchen fixtures. Over the course of three decades, California Faucets has helped shape the direction of the industry, offering a versatile mix of game-changing products that look and function better. At the same time, the manufacturer has remained true to its roots by focusing on old-fashioned customer service and efficient turnaround on custom orders of its premium-quality products.

California Faucets’ history of innovation has resulted in products and technologies that have shifted the industry’s approaches to both design and performance. Most notable among those is StyleDrain®, the first decorative shower drain with fast-flow efficiency. StyleDrain transformed a category that was once restricted to lackluster, industrial-like drains into a sleek focal point. The industry took notice of California Faucets’ innovations, recognizing StyleDrain and line extensions StyleDrain® Tile and CeraLine® with numerous awards, including three prestigious Best of Year (BoY) Awards from Interior Design (ID) magazine.

A fourth ID award was bestowed upon ZeroDrain™, the world’s first “pop-down” lavatory drain that turns a utilitarian product into a sleek design statement; the drain sits flush with the sink instead of awkwardly protruding. A one-finger touch opens and closes ZeroDrain, which makes installing and cleaning it fast and easy. Another breakthrough was California Faucets’ StyleTherm®, which brought advanced thermostatic technology, previously limited to the luxury market, into an affordable price point suitable for every bathroom in the home. Thanks to creative engineering and years of development, StyleTherm offers a range of features unavailable with pressure balance systems, including dialing-in to exact temperatures, no diverter valve required to toggle between shower applications, independent volume operation for each application, anti-scald protection, and a higher water flow rate.

Along with its reputation for innovation, California Faucets prides itself on its culture rooted in old-fashioned values and fine craftsmanship. With the mantra, “artisan hands, not mass produced,” the manufacturer continues to deliver custom-built, handcrafted solid-brass fixtures in 30-plus hand-produced finishes, even as it has gradually expanded in size and industry footprint.

The wide array of finishes, including 15 decorative PVD finishes with a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing, establish the brand as a world leader in PVD while playing an important role in the manufacturer’s ability to satisfy most any design vision. In essence, by offering the ability to customize any spout in any handle in any finish, California Faucets presents users with nearly limitless design freedom.

“Thanks to my father, Fred Silverstein, California Faucets was founded in 1988 with core values of delivering high-quality decorative faucets in a timely fashion supported by superior customer service. Thirty years later, these principles remain the core of our company culture,” says Jeff Silverstein, President & CEO. “Of course, while the DNA of our company hasn’t changed, we’ve evolved immensely in terms of innovation, technology, and design,” he says, noting that three family members are by his side in their dedication to ensuring the handmade faucet company his father built continues to evolve and thrive. In order of seniority, they include Jeff’s cousin Noah Taft, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales; his sisters, Tina Silverstein, who handles the company’s digital marketing and Sue Cuthbert, who recently joined as the new product launch coordinator. “Overall, we’ve created a formula that has gratifyingly resulted in stellar growth and an ability to continue delivering our luxury designer fittings on a grander scale. I’m proud that we’ve accomplished this growth and continue to be a leader in innovation all while sticking true to the roots my father established three decades ago.”

Fred Silverstein’s cultural vision also is reflected in the company’s devotion to its Huntington Beach home base, where it employs 180 people and has earned the coveted, “Made in California” designation. “We’re extremely proud to do all of our own design, engineering, finishing, and assembly right here in Huntington Beach,” says Noah Taft, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “In fact, California Faucets employs more American labor per faucet sold than almost any other faucet manufacturer, a detail that is just as important to the company’s legacy as our reputation for innovation and craftsmanship.”

About California Faucets
At California Faucets we believe in artisan hands, not mass production. Since 1988, our factory in Huntington Beach has manufactured handcrafted bath products available in more than 30 artisan finishes that can be easily customized or purchased exactly as shown in our catalog. We proudly provide the latest in bath and shower technology with innovations such as StyleDrain®, StyleTherm®, and ZeroDrain™. These groundbreaking innovations turn utilitarian products into beautiful design statements and are the heart of our ever-evolving line of bath faucets, shower fittings, luxury drains, and accessories. We’ve also applied the same handcrafted quality and custom options to a full line of kitchen faucets. Our Kitchen Collection combines Italian design with California craftsmanship and offers a full range of matching accessories for a thoroughly coordinated look.