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California Faucets Introduces ZeroDrain™—the World’s First “Pop-Down” Drain

Close-up of ZeroDrain pop down drain

The new, patent-pending drain creates a new standard for sink drains, with its sleek beauty and incredibly easy installation

(Huntington Beach, CA May 14, 2014)—ZeroDrain™, the latest patent-pending innovation from California Faucets adds to the beauty of a bathroom sink, rather than detracting from it. In place of a standard pop-up drain with a protruding stopper and cumbersome lift rod, the world’s first “pop-down” drain sits flush with the sink, and it requires no lift knob to operate it. Measurably easier to install and clean, ZeroDrain removes a longstanding blemish on the bath sink—the traditional pop-up drain—and decoratively enhances it instead.

ZeroDrain sets a new sink drain standard for mid-level to luxury baths that is as easy to look at, as it is to use. A one-finger touch is all that is needed to “pop-down” the stopper into the closed position and allow water to fill the sink. The revolutionary ZeroDrain features a piston design for a perfect seal every time. Press it again to release it, and watch the water sensuously disappear into the thin circular gap around the stopper.

“Installing a standard pop-up drain with a decorative faucet is like wearing sneakers with a tux,” observes Noah Taft, California Faucets Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “Anyone who has installed a standard pop-up drain knows how frustrating and time consuming it can be. But installing ZeroDrain is fast and easy.” Taft explains that ZeroDrain eliminates the need for the archaic rod-and-clip of the multi-mechanism pop-up drain, which has a myriad of finicky components that require assembly and painstaking adjustments. ZeroDrain has just two simple components that take the average person two minutes, or less, to install. “Standard pop-up drains are dinosaurs,” says Taft. “Your bathroom deserves better, and ZeroDrain delivers.”

Maintenance and cleaning are equally easy. Simply pull out the stopper, rinse, and reinsert. With standard drains, cleaning requires awkwardly climbing under the sink to detach the stopper every time the drain clogs, or the mechanism misaligns. Those familiar with the gunk and hair buildup that pop-up drains are prone to, and the inevitable clogs and calls to the plumber that follow, will appreciate ZeroDrain’s simple design that renders such calls obsolete.

“We’re approaching everyday plumbing in a new and innovative way with products that work better, look better, and are easier to use,” states Taft, explaining that ZeroDrain is the latest innovation in California Faucets’ growing array of products that includes, StyleTherm®, StyleDrain®, and CeraLine®. “With ZeroDrain, we’ve again turned something utilitarian into a design element. We believe it will create a higher level of expectation in a category consumers didn’t realize they could expect more from.”

ZeroDrain, and all California Faucets products, are engineered, assembled, finished, and tested by specially trained artisans at the company’s Huntington Beach, California manufacturing facility. Each product comes with the assurance that the purchase is working to support US labor. All products proudly carry the Made in CA designation, reflecting the company’s commitment to retaining and cultivating as many local jobs as possible.

The chrome-finish ZeroDrain is priced at $129, or $61 when purchased with a California Faucets faucet.

About California Faucets
At California Faucets we believe in artisan hands, not mass production. Since 1988, our factory in Huntington Beach has manufactured handcrafted bath products available in more than 30 artisan finishes that can be easily customized or purchased exactly as shown in our catalog. We proudly provide the latest in bath and shower technology with innovations such as StyleDrain®, StyleTherm®, and ZeroDrain®. These groundbreaking innovations turn utilitarian products into beautiful design statements and are the heart of our ever-evolving line of bath faucets, shower fittings, luxury drains, and accessories. We’ve also applied the same handcrafted quality and custom options to a full line of kitchen faucets. Our Kitchen Collection combines Italian design with California craftsmanship and offers a full range of matching accessories for a thoroughly coordinated look.