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Now Trending: Brass Finishes for Kitchen Faucets

Corsano pull-down kitchen faucet in brass with accessories on sink

Not your grandparents’ brass faucets, Burnished Brass and Satin Brass finishes from California Faucets add warmth to the kitchen in a modern way

(Huntington Beach, CA, January 23, 2019)—Kitchen and bath design aficionados report that brass finishes are not just back but predicted to come on strong in 2019. In tune with the growing wave of homeowners pursuing a warmer, homier look at the kitchen sink, California Faucets presents its most distinctive lineup of classic brass finishes yet. Made with materials reflecting the quality of yesteryear in styles that maintain a modern flair, the brass finishes range from Satin Brass, with its eye-catching bling, to the more rustic Burnished Brass.

“Our updated brass finishes, paired with our solid brass faucets and accessories, give that ‘they just don’t make ‘em like that anymore’ feeling of quality and durability,” explains Noah Taft, California Faucets Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “But unlike the cold brass fittings your grandmother may have had, these modern brass shades have warmth and dimension.”

In fact, Beverly Hills-based interior designer Christopher Grubb has a name for this desire to move beyond standard stainless steel and chrome, “I call it stainless steel fatigue. From a designer’s perspective, we’re looking to liven up the sink area. I think of it as jewelry for the kitchen,” explains Grubb, who adds, “These modern brass tones add warmth, but they also add texture. And texture is a striking way to give personality to any space.”

Since all California Faucets products are made of 100-percent brass, finishes such as Burnished Brass and Satin Brassoffer a new way to enjoy the beauty, quality, and luxury of this fine metal. Featuring a finish that will patina over time, Burnished Brassspeaks to today’s homeowners’ growing appetite for industrial chic design, blending the high quality of brass with a rich vintage look. Satin Brass (PVD) is slightly shinier, like classic brass, and in a PVD finish—the most durable finish in the world. Up to eight times harder than chrome, PVD finishes come with a lifetime warranty against tarnishing.

Adding just the right amount of depth and warmth to the kitchen sink area, California Faucets’ brass tones pair perfectly with the company’s classic and modern style faucets while blending beautifully with top cabinet colors, including popular gray finishes. All of California Faucets’ 30-plus artisan finishes are produced by hand at the company’s Huntington Beach, California factory.

In addition to the trending brass tones, like its ever-popular bath faucets, California Faucets’ entire Kitchen Collection is available in a selection of more than 30 artisan finishes, including 15 PVD finishes with a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing.

About California Faucets
At California Faucets we believe in artisan hands, not mass production. Since 1988, our factory in Huntington Beach has manufactured handcrafted bath products available in more than 30 artisan finishes that can be easily customized or purchased exactly as shown in our catalog. We proudly provide the latest in bath and shower technology with innovations such as StyleDrain®, StyleTherm®, and ZeroDrain®. These groundbreaking innovations turn utilitarian products into beautiful design statements and are the heart of our ever-evolving line of bath faucets, shower fittings, luxury drains, and accessories. We’ve also applied the same handcrafted quality and custom options to a full line of kitchen faucets. Our Kitchen Collection combines Italian design with California craftsmanship and offers a full range of matching accessories for a thoroughly coordinated look.

###CREDITS: Interior Designer: Elizabeth Diomede, Photo by Jody Kmetz