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Going Green with California Faucets PVD Finishes

Tiburon wall faucet with ZeroDrain in sink

California Faucet delivers with a harder than chrome finish that's earth-friendly too!

(Huntington Beach, CA, June 11, 2007)—Way before its competitors jumped on board the burgeoning eco bandwagon, California Faucet was already there, and putting the company on the leading edge of eco-oriented finishing technology with its PVD faucet finishes.

PVD, or physical vapor deposition, molecularly binds color to the faucet, creating an incredibly durable finish. Unlike traditional powder coating finishes that produce hazardous waste and can pollute water supply, PVD produces no waste. That means no toxic chemicals are used. In fact, some of the metals used in PVD are so bio-friendly, they’ve been used on prosthetic joints for the body!

Currently, California Faucets offers 12 PVD finishes, more than double of any other faucet manufacturer. With the most PVD machines west of the Rockies, the company continues to be a trailblazer in this eco-friendly coating technology.

Above and Beyond Green: Color and Durability Too!

In addition to toxin free production, California Faucet’s selection of 12 decorative PVD finish colors is unparalleled in its market. Highly brilliant PVD finishes include Satin Rose Bronze, Mocha Bronze, Polished Gold, English Brass, and Black Nickel.

“PVD is the future of decorative finishes,” says Noah Taft, vice president of marketing and sales for California Faucets. “Powder coatings are baked onto faucets, meaning that they can chip if scratched. In contrast, our PVD finishes are molecularly bonded to the faucet, becoming one with the metal itself. So PVD finishes will never chip, and they are up to seven to eight times harder than even chrome, which had formerly set the standard for durability,” he explains, adding that other PVD perks include improved corrosion protection, and resistance to abrasion and tarnishing.

About California Faucets
At California Faucets we believe in artisan hands, not mass production. Since 1988, our factory in Huntington Beach has manufactured handcrafted bath products available in more than 30 artisan finishes that can be easily customized or purchased exactly as shown in our catalog. We proudly provide the latest in bath and shower technology with innovations such as StyleDrain®, StyleTherm®, and ZeroDrain®. These groundbreaking innovations turn utilitarian products into beautiful design statements and are the heart of our ever-evolving line of bath faucets, shower fittings, luxury drains, and accessories. We’ve also applied the same handcrafted quality and custom options to a full line of kitchen faucets. Our Kitchen Collection combines Italian design with California craftsmanship and offers a full range of matching accessories for a thoroughly coordinated look. For more information about California Faucets call 800-822-8855 or visit

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